Understanding physicians’ intentions to withdraw from practice: The role of job satisfaction, job stress, mental and physical health

Williams E.S., Konrad T.R., Scheckler W.E., Pathman D.E., Linzer M., McMurray J.E., Gerrity M., Schwartz M.
Submitted: June, 2010

Created and tested model of above factors in ITL (intent to leave practice) on physician sample from AMA masterfile. 25% sample family med. The influence of perceived stress was well supported, showing strong associations with job satisfaction and perceptions of good physical and mental health. The strength of these associations is evidence of the important role that stress plays in shaping these perceptions. Similarly, the role of job satisfaction with mental health and all four withdraw intentions was confirmed. Physicians who were satisfied with their jobs were likely to also report good mental health.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Survey/Study
  • Burnout, Well-being, & Professionalism