Transforming concepts in patient safety: a progress report

Gandhi, T.K., Kaplan, G.S., Leape, L. Berwick, D.M., Edgman-Levitan, S., Edmondson, A., Meyer, G.S. Michaels, D., Morath, J.M., Vincent, C., Wachter, R.
Submitted: December, 2018

In 2009, the National Patient Safety Foundation’s Lucian Leape Institute (LLI) identified 5 areas of healthcare that require system-level attention and action to advance patient safety. To truly transform the safety of healthcare the following need to be addressed: medical education reform; care integration; restoring joy and meaning in work; ensuring the safety of the healthcare workforce [which includes the development and embodiment of the shared core values of mutual respect and civility, transparency and truth telling, safety of all workers and patients, and alignment and accountability from the boardroom through the front lines] ; consumer engagement in healthcare and transparency across the continuum of care. In the ensuing years, the LLI convened a series of expert roundtables to address each concept, look at obstacles to implementation, assess potential for improvement, identify potential implementation partners and issue recommendations for action.

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  • Patient Safety & Medical Errors
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