Speaking up’ about patient safety concerns and unprofessional behaviour among residents: validation of two scales

Martinez, W., Etchegaray, J.M., Thomas, E.J., Hickson, G.B., Lehmann, L.S., Schleyer, A.M., Best, J.A., Shelburne, J.T., May, N.B., Bell, S.K.
Submitted: November, 2015

The authors created and provided evidence for the reliability and validity of two measures (SUC-Safe and SUC-Prof scales) associated with self-reported speaking up behavior among residents. These two scales may fill an existing gap in residency and safety culture assessments by measuring the openness of communication about safety and professionalism concerns.

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  • Peer Reviewed Research
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  • Survey/Study
  • Patient Safety & Medical Errors
  • Tools & Instruments
  • Curriculum & Medical Teaching