Providing feedback following Leadership WalkRounds is associated with better patient safety culture, higher employee engagement and lower burnout

Sexton, J.B., Adair, K.C., Leonard, M.W., et al.
Submitted: April, 2018

Cross-sectional survey evaluated associations between receiving feedback about actions taken as a result of WR and healthcare worker assessments of patient safety culture, employee engagement, burnout and work-life balance, across 829 work settings. When WRs are conducted, acted on, and the results are fed back to those involved, the work setting is a better place to deliver and receive care as assessed across a broad range of metrics, including teamwork, safety, leadership, growth opportunities, participation in decision-making and the emotional exhaustion component of burnout.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Survey/Study
  • Patient Safety & Medical Errors
  • Burnout, Well-being, & Professionalism