Professionalism in Action

General Medical Council
Submitted: April, 2013

In a guidance from the General Medical Council(GMC), they define the professionalism required to be a good doctor and be permitted to register with the GMC. Good doctors are competent, keep their knowledge and skills up to date, establish and maintain good relationships with patients and colleagues, are honest and trustworthy, and act with integrity and within the law. They work in partnership with patients and respect their rights to privacy and dignity. The report also distinguishes between the phrases ‘you must’ and ‘you should. You must’ is used for an overriding duty or principle. ‘You should’ is used when we are providing an explanation of how you will meet the overriding duty and is also used where the duty or principle will not apply in all situations or circumstances, or where there are factors outside your control that affect whether or how you can follow the guidance. To maintain your license to practice, you must demonstrate, through the revalidation process, that you work in line with the principles and values set out in this guidance.

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