Professionalism among academic educational leaders: A concept analysis

Hengameh Habibi, Shoaleh Bigdeli, Zohreh Sohrabi, Abbas Ebadi 
Submitted: October, 2022

To explain the concept of professionalism among academic educational leaders, Walker and Avant’s eight-stage concept analysis method was adopted. After an extensive review of resources, 37 articles were included and the antecedents, attributes, and consequences of the concept were extracted.An examination of the resources and concept analysis revealed that professionalism in academic educational leaders has three main attributes of care ethics, justice-oriented ethics, and ethics of criticism, and its formation depends on personal characteristics, professional capabilities, and having a systemic view. The identification of components and professional characteristics of professionalism among academic educational leaders provides a shared understanding of professionalism and is a basic step towards designing measures to evaluate this concept.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Medical Education/Medical Ethics