Professional Formation: A Comprehensive Resource for Professionalism Education, Assessment, Remediation and Research

Novack, D.H., Duke, P., Rosenzweig, S., et al.
Submitted: January, 2015

Professional Formation is an on-line resource for teaching, learning and assessing professionalism in healthcare education. Supported by a 2014 Arthur Vining Davis Foundations grant, coupled with a 2017 Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation grant, Professional Formation launched in mid-2020 with 12 interactive modules for learners and two modules for faculty. With a sophisticated learning management system, the modules contain over 150 videos, pre and post module tests that gauge the learners’ change in perceptions, over 40 exercises and five scales including the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale, Groningen Reflective Ability Scale, Interpersonal Reactivity Index, Interprofessional Education Competency Scale and the Novack Values Behavior Concordance Scale.

Resource Type:
  • Tools & Instruments
  • Curriculum & Medical Teaching