Positive Impact of Professionalism on the Perception of Global Well-Being: A Study in Healthcare Professionals Starting Their First Working Experience in Peruvian Rural Areas

Humberto López-Morales, Edgar Rivera-Diaz, Andrew Ore-Zuñiga, Angel Vera-Portilla, Montserrat San-Martín, Roberto C Delgado Bolton, Luis Vivanco
Submitted: December, 2020

This article pursue two objectives. First, I focus on understanding and making visible shared vulnerability that arises in clinical settings from a triple perspective: patient and family, health professionals, and institutions. Second, to address this challenge for professionalism, in this paper I articulate the term “relational centered-patient professionalism”, which has two main axes. The relational approach means taking into account how the relationships among professionals, patients and institutions determine the constitution and evolution of those professional values. The focus on patient centered care is indispensable, because it is the ultimate goal pursued by the development of these professional values, and must always be at the center.

  • Well-Being
  • Patient-Centered
  • International Studies