Ottawa Conference 2010

Brian David Hodges, Shiphra Ginsburg, Richard Cruess, Sylvia Cruess, Rhena Delport, Fred Hafferty, Ming-Jung Ho, Eric Holmboe, Matthew Holtman, Sadayoshi Ohbu, Charlotte Rees, Olle Ten Cate, Yusuke Tsugwa, Walter Van Mook, Val Wass, Tim Wilkinson, Winnie Wade
Submitted: April, 2011

Review of key papers and outlines frameworks for professionalism: 1) as an individual characteristic, trait, behavior or cognitive process; 2) as an interpersonal process or effect; as a societal/institutional phenomenon: A socially constructed way of acting or being, associated with power. Makes recommendations for research on professional assessment.

Resource Type:
  • Issue Briefs/Reports
  • Overview
  • Definitions & Frameworks