Medical professionalism of foreign-born and foreign-trained physicians under close scrutiny: A qualitative study with stakeholders in Germany

Klingler, C., Ismail, F., Marckmann, G., Kuehlmeyer, K.
Submitted: February, 2018

Qualitative interviews examine experience of foreign-born and foreign-trained physicians. (FB&FT). Derived three strategies (minimization, homogenization and quality management) proposed by participants to manage eviations from assumed professional standards by FB&FT physicians. Critically reflects on the social processes of evaluation and problematization and questions the legitimacy of professional standards invoked. Discusses discriminatory tendencies visible in evaluative statements of some participants as well as in some of the strategies proposed. Suggests the importance of developing and implementing better support strategies for FB&FT physicians while also addressing problematic attitudes within the receiving system to further professional integration.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Survey/Study
  • Professionalism Competencies