Letter to the Editor: On the Topic of Academic Achievement, Professionalism and Burnout in Family Medicine Residents

Caitlin Davis, MD, MS; Meenu Krishnasamy, MD; Zachary J. Morgan, MS; Andrew W. Bazemore, MD, MPH; Lars E. Peterson, MD, PhD
Submitted: January, 2023

Letter to the Editor:
We greatly appreciate the thoughtful points raised in the response to our paper on the burnout and professionalism milestone attainment of family medicine resident physicians, and we appreciate the nuanced analysis of unique burnout contributors among physicians-in-training who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC).

In our findings, the statistically significant associations between burnout and race (where White respondents are more likely than Black or Asian respondents to report burnout) disappear in the multilevel model. This means that, put in the context of individual-, program-, and area-level characteristics, race does not have a significant independent ability to predict burnout. As you point out though, even this equivocal result is surprising given evidence that BIPOC residents are at risk of being denied the training opportunities, leadership roles, and sometimes even expected annual training promotion afforded their White colleagues

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