Implementation and Assessment of Mentoring and Professionalism in Training (MAP-IT): A Humanistic Curriculum as a Tool to Address Burnout in Surgical Residents

Molly Kobritz, Colleen P Nofi, Lyudmyla Demyan, Erfan Farno, Alice Fornari , Bilge Kalyon , Vihas Patel 
Submitted: January, 2023

This study underscores the need for a longitudinal reflective medicine course and the feasibility of implementing MAP-IT to fulfill that need within surgical residency. Less than one-third of our residents had prior experience with a reflective medicine curriculum. Importantly, these residents with prior experience reported greater resilience and less burnout prior to MAP-IT, but after MAP-IT there was no difference between residents with and without prior reflective medicine experience.

Resource Type:
  • Study
  • Professionalism
  • Burnout