Healthcare practitioners’ personal and professional values.

Moyo, M., Goodyear-Smith, F.A., Weller, J., Robb, G., Shulruf, B.
Submitted: May, 2016

Understanding the values for individuals and across healthcare professions can help improve patient-centered decision-making by individual practitioners and interprofessional teams, respectively. Identified values through lit review and them into a single framework using Schwartz’s values model [describes 10 value areas: power, achievement, hedonism, stimulation, self-direction, universalism, benevolence, tradition, conformity, and security] The framework can be used to study practitioner values (personal and professional) across different professional groups; and conceptualized them within a defensible psychological theory, Schwartz’s values model. This can improve the interpretation of practitioner value assessments and improve clinician decision making at individual and interprofessional levels.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Review
  • Definitions & Frameworks