Ethics Remediation, Rehabilitation, and Recommitment to Medical Professionalism: A Programmatic Approach

Caldicott, C.V., d'Oronzio, J.C.
Submitted: October, 2014

This article recounts the development of the Professional/Problem-Based Ethics (ProBE) Program, the original physicians’ professional ethics remediation course. Since 1992, more than 1,200 healthcare professionals of many disciplines have been mandated to attend ProBE by licensing boards and other oversight entities. Using a small-group, interprofessional setting, the ProBE Program assists participants to discover and articulate ethical underpinnings violated by their misconduct; appreciate professional responsibilities that are societal, regulatory, and ethical; and recommit to professional ideals. The authors describe the rationale for developing ProBE, its curriculum, participant demographics, and infractions and reconsider medical professionalism in light of two decades of ProBE.

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