Equity in medical education: Addressing microaggressions and discrimination on the wards

Raquel Sofia Sandoval, Spencer Dunleavy, Titilayo Afolabi, Jordan Taylor Said, Jade Connor, Azfar Hossain, Bina Kassamali, Tamina Kienka, Maahika Srinivasan, Anita Cheng, Daniele Ölveczky, Avik Chatterjee
Submitted: December, 2021

Of 461 first-year medical and dental students who participated, 321 (69.6%) provided survey responses. Over 80% of students reported experiencing microaggressions, with women and URM students over-represented. After the workshop, participants reported significant reductions in barriers to addressing microaggressions and discrimination, including recognizing incidents, uncertainty of what to say or do, lack of allies, lack of familiarity with institutional policies, and uncertainty of clinical relevance. The workshop was similarly effective in-person and virtual formats.

  • Medical Education