Dreyfus and Dreyfus and Indicators of Behavioral Performance: A Study of Measurement Convergence

Williams, B.W, Byrne, P.D., Williams, N.V., Williams, M.V.
Submitted: January, 2017

Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition used as an alternative approach to the core competency framework that informs the assessment of residents and forms the foundation of the American Board of Medical Specialties Program for Maintenance of Certification. 360 degree data collected from n=264 raters of physicians (peers, support, leaders, reports. Scale items included interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism and system-based practice. Findings demonstrate a relationship between a measure of Dreyfus skill acquisition and measures based on the American Board of Medical Specialties/Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education six core competency framework. Results have implication for continuing professional development design and assessment.

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Survey/Study
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