Disruptive and Unprofessional Behaviors

Rosenstein, A.
Submitted: January, 2017

Disruptive behaviors in health care can have a profound effect on staff relationships that can lead to impaired communication, reduced information transfer, and dysfunctional team collaboration that can negatively impact patient care. Recognizing what disruptive behavior is and what it can do is the first step in enabling organizations to develop appropriate programs and effective strategies to reduce its occurrence. Disruptive behaviors occur across all disciplines, but when physicians are involved, by virtue of their role as captain of the ship, it can set off a chain of events that seriously compromises process and flow. By gaining a better understanding of the forces shaping physician attitudes and behaviors, organizations can then provide the necessary assistance and resource support to enhance behavioral adjustments. The ultimate goal is to not only reduce the incidence of disruptive events, but to also improve overall staff relationships, care efficiency, and instill a positive work atmosphere that increases staff morale, physician engagement, and overall satisfaction.

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