Development of professionalism vignettes for the continuum of learners within a medical and nursing community of practice

Penelope Smyth, Clair Birkman, Carol S Hodgson 
Submitted: December, 2021

It is challenging to develop professionalism curricula for all members of a medical community of practice. We collected and developed professionalism vignettes for an interactive professionalism curriculum around our institutional professionalism norms following social constructivist learning theory principles. Eighty cases were submitted, two expert committees reviewed 53 and 42 vignettes, respectively. The final 18 were selected based upon: educational value; diversity in professionalism ratings; and representation of the professionalism categories. We concluded realistic and relevant professionalism vignettes can be systematically gathered from a community of practice and their representation of an institutional norm, educational value, and level of professional behaviour can be judged by experts with a high level of consensus.


  • Professionalism
  • Medical Education