Character Strengths Profiles in Medical Professionals and Their Impact on Well-Being

Alexandra Huber, Cornelia Strecker, Timo Kachel , Thomas Höge, Stefan Höfer 
Submitted: December, 2020

Character strengths profiles in the specific setting of medical professionals are widely unchartered territory. This paper focused on an overview of character strengths profiles of medical professionals (medical students and physicians) based on literature research and available empirical data illustrating their impact on well-being and work engagement. A literature research was conducted and the majority of peer-reviewed considered articles dealt with theoretical or conceptually driven ‘virtues’ associated with medical specialties or questions of ethics in patient care (e.g., professionalism, or what makes a good physician). The virtues of compassion, courage, altruism, and benevolence were described most often. This study suggests that the character strengths hope, perseverance, self-regulation, teamwork, and zest are most relevant when it comes to fostering medical students’ and physicians’ well-being and work engagement. However, these were not part of the top five character strengths reported by the medical professionals. Additionally, negative effects of e.g., bravery, creativity, or perspective on well-being and work engagement were discovered.

  • Well-Being