Assessment of professionalism: From where have we come – to where are we going? An update from the Ottawa Consensus Group on the assessment of professionalism

Brian Hodges, Robert Paul, Shiphra Ginsburg
Submitted: January, 2019

In 2009, an International Working Group (IWG) on the Assessment of Professionalism began collaborating before publishing recommendations in 2011. Nearly a decade later the IWG reconvened to take stock of the state of practice and research in professionalism and the impact of the 2011 report. A bibliometric study of the assessment of professionalism was performed and found 600 publications in Google Scholar and 164 in Web of Science since 2011, of which 177 (30%) and 84 (50%) respectively cited the original IWG publication. A thematic analysis showed that of 9 research areas recommended in 2011, 7 of 9 categories were represented with a large increase in research across languages and cultures. Though the assessment of professionalism remains a challenge the research base continues to grow, especially related to professionalism across cultures and languages, and a large percentage of publications cite the IWG recommendations. There remains a gap in research and writing about patients’ perspectives.

  • Professionalism