alidation of a brief clinician survey to reduce clinician burnout.

Shimotsu, S., Poplau, S., Linzer, M.
Submitted: January, 2015

Validation of Mini Z Survey: Overall alpha for the 10 items was 0.80; individual factor alphas were 0.74 and 0.72 for the teamwork/values factor and EMR use/stress factors, respectively. Correlations demonstrated convergent validity across survey items, with modest to moderate r values (0.39–0.57, p Clinician burnout and work life can be feasibly and reliably captured using the Mini Z survey tool. Our a priori sub-scales were partly supported as we hypothesized a satisfaction factor as well as a stress factor. The brief instrument may allow health care systems to feasibly assess stress, burnout and satisfaction among clinician workforces.

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