Academic Achievement, Professionalism, and Burnout in Family Medicine Residents

Caitlin Davis, Meenu Krishnasamy, Zachary J Morgan, Andrew W Bazemore, Lars E Peterson
Submitted: June, 2021

Background and objectives: Physician burnout has been shown to have roots in training environments. Whether burnout in residency is associated with the attainment of critical educational milestones has not been studied, and is the subject of this investigation.

Methods: We used data from a cohort of graduating family medicine residents registering for the 2019 American Board of Family Medicine initial certification examination with complete data from registration questionnaire, milestone data, in-training examination (ITE) scores, and residency characteristics. We used bivariate and multilevel multivariate analyses to measure the associations between four professionalism milestones ratings and ITE performance with burnout.

Results: Our sample included 2,509 residents; 36.8% me