A comparison of patient appraisal of professional skills for GPs in training participating in differing education programs

Ajit Narayanan, Caitlin Vayro, Michael Greco, Dale Hanson, Jan Hanson, Neil Spike, Pat Giddings, Ben Mitchell , Rebecca Stewart 
Submitted: September, 2022

Medical boards and healthcare providers internationally are coming under increasing pressure to attract international medical graduates (IMGs) and overseas trained doctors (OTDs) to cope with predicted general practice (GP) doctor shortages. Various pathways to registration are made available for this purpose. There is very little understanding of the effects of different training pathways to licensing and registration on the ability of IMGs and OTDs, as well as locally trained doctors, to acquire the desirable professional skills deemed necessary for working effectively in the primary care sector.

Resource Type:
  • Peer-Reviewed
  • Professionalism, Medical Education