A Cluster Randomized Trial of Interventions to Improve Work Conditions and Clinician Burnout in Primary Care: Results from the Healthy Work Place (HWP) Study

Mark Linzer, Sara Poplau, Ellie Grossman, Anita Varkey, Steven Yale, Eric Williams, Lanis Hicks, Roger L Brown, Jill Wallock, Diane Kohnhorst, Michael Barbouche
Submitted: February, 2015

Randomized cluster trial (n=166) More intervention clinicians showed improvements in burnout (21.8 % vs 7.1 % less burned out, p = 0.01) and satisfaction (23.1 % vs 10.0 % more satisfied, p = 0.04). Burnout was more likely to improve with workflow interventions [Odds Ratio (OR) of improvement in burnout 5.9, p = 0.02], and with targeted QI projects than in controls (OR 4.8, p = 0.02). Interventions in communication or workflow led to greater improvements in clinician satisfaction (OR 3.1, p = 0.04), and showed a trend toward greater improvement in intention to leave (OR 4.2, p = 0.06)

Resource Type:
  • Peer Reviewed Research
Study Design:
  • Survey/Study
  • Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Burnout, Well-being, & Professionalism