Derek Baughman

Derek Baughman

Scholarship Year:

Dr. Baughman is a current chief family medicine resident with career aspirations of leadership in medicine, health care administration, and the federal government. He continues to serve in multiple state and national leadership positions within organized medicine, taking active roles in shaping health policy at the AAFP and AMA. His keenness for value-based care has focused his research interest in clinical quality measures and health economics. This has led to several publications and ongoing projects in these areas, and he currently serves on the Annals of Family Medicine’s editorial advisory board. After residency, Dr. Baughman is serving in the US Air Force and thereafter, he is considering MBA programs and health policy fellowships to tackle the financial problems in health economics. Eventually, he would like to lead at the federal level, designing insurance payer-models for the future of healthcare. His personal interests include: spending time with his wife and two young daughters, musicianship, reading, athletics, sci-fi and superhero movies, pizza, and strong coffee.

Project for scholars month at CVP:

Dr. Baughman has completed a scoping review of the primary care quality measurement literature focused on comprehensiveness. With this annotated bibliography, he will be engaging in pre-decisional activities related to development of a potential primary care model at The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Innovations (CMMI). With his credentialing at CMMI, he will have the opportunity to 1) generating options for quality measurement approaches, 2) providing clinical context for development of quality measurement strategies, and 3) provide insight on literature surrounding value based payment model history in primary care (i.e. CPC, CPC+, PCF) and future-looking reports (i.e. NASEM future of primary care reports). Dr. Baughman will also participate with ABFM’s CVP staff and medical officers on external stakeholder discussions (including panelist participation in the Continuity of Care Technical Expert Panel) and continue working with CMMI after his scholars month in ongoing value-based payment model development.

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