The Family Medicine Factbook-A Survey of ABFM Diplomates

Caitlin Smith Davis, MD, MSc; Emmeline Ha, MD; Zachary Morgan, MS; Kiki Fagan, BS; Lars Peterson, MD, PhD; Andrew Bazemore, MD, MPH

Using the most up to date data available, we present the first edition of the Family Medicine Factbook, a curated series of basic analyses intended to provide a broad perspective on family medicine and family physicians themselves. We hope that patients, physicians, payors, policymakers, and advocates will benefit from learning more about this keystone specialty of U.S. primary care, gaining a better understanding of the physicians’ geographic distribution, the populations served and services provided, their team-based care leadership and the challenges faced in the course of their work. We welcome your feedback, as we hope this is but the first in a series of data-driven insights into the contributions of the family medicine workforce.

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