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Day 1

Wednesday, July 19th

8:00 AM




Speaker: Victor Dzau, NASEM

9:30 AM

Setting the Stage Strengthening PHC Around the Globe and in the US

Astana and the National Academic of Science and Medicine (NASEM) Reports

Speaker: Atul Gawande, USAID

10:00 AM

Paying Differently for PHC: Applying lessons learned to improve health

Speaker: Liz Fowler, CMMI

10:30 AM

Panel: Promoting Health Equity by investing in PHC

Panelists: Jim Macrae, HRSA
Roman Macaya, Costa Rica
Purva Rawal, US CMMI

Facilitator: Chris Koller, Milbank Memorial Fund

11:25 AM


1:00 PM

Keynote: HHS Initiative to Strengthen Primary Health Care

Speaker/Facilitator: Admiral Rachel Levine

1:30 PM

Panel: Addressing the Crisis of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder and the role of PHC

Rachel Pryor, HHS ; Traci Solt, VA; Brenda Reiss-Brennan, Intermountain Health; John Naslund, Harvard

Facilitator: Ben Miller, Wellbeing

2:15 PM

Panel: Strengthening the connection between Primary Care and Public Health

Panelists: Freddy Chen, AMA
Salman Rawaf, Imperial
Laura Parajon, DOH, New Mexico
Salim Hussein , Kenya

Facilitator: Karen Hacker, CDC

3:10 PM


3:30 PM

Panel: Health Security and PHC Strategy

Panelists: Ian Williams, CDC
Diana Frymus, USAID
Nedret Emiroglu, WHO Europe
Chile Health Minister, PAHO pending

Facilitator: Herbert Wolfe, DHS

4:20 PM

Keynote (video): The Essential Role of PHC for Health Security and Securing

Speaker: Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO

4:30 PM

Day One take-aways: Challenges of strengthening PHC in the US and globally US taking major step toward PHC to strengthen health security and secure health

Plus: Details about Canadian Embassy reception

Speaker/Facilitator: Deb Cohen and Lauren Hughes

5:30 PM

Reception Canadian Embassy

501 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 3rd floor
Washington, DC 20001

Panel: Building the Workforce Foundation of High Quality Primary Care

Panelists: Danielle Martin, University of Toronto
Björg Pálsdóttir, Training for Health Equity Network
Zahray Talib, California University of Science and Medicine

Facilitator: Warren Newton, American Board of Family Medicine

Day 2

Thursday, July 20th

8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Welcome and Recap of Day 1

Host: Bob Phillips

9:15 AM

Keynote 1: Investment, Innovation, and Implementation of PHC for Improved Health Systems Resiliency and Outcomes in the Americas

Speaker: Jarbas Barbosa, PAHO

9:45 AM

Keynote: Epidemic-Ready Primary Health Care: Preventing and Mitigating the Next Pandemic

Speaker: Tom Frieden, RTSL

10:15 AM

Panel: Pandemic Resilience

Panelists: Michael Kidd, Australia
Manuela Uribe, World Bank

10:35 AM


11:00 AM

Panel: Progress and Challenges with PC/PHC Measurement

Panelists: Diana Frymus, USAID
Suraya Dalil, WHO
Judith Steinberg, HHS
Corrine Lewis, Commonwealth

Facilitator: Asaf Bitton, Ariadne Labs

11:50 AM

Panel: Research – Assessing the Power of PHC

Panelists: Luke Allen, London School for Hygiene
Rick Glazier, ISPCHR
Laura Sessums, AHRQ
Bob Mash, South Africa PRIMAFED

Facilitator: Kurt Stange, Case Western

12:30 PM


1:35 PM

Panel: Increasing Sustainable Investment in PHC and Health Systems Around the world

Cicely Thomas, GFF/World Bank
Anna Stavdal, WONCA
Harsh Bakshi, State Health System Resource Centre-Gujarat, India
Loyce Pace, HHS OGA

Facilitator: James Fitzgerald, PAHO

2:25 PM

Huddle Task: Description and Break-out Into
Huddle Topics

Facilitator: Asaf Bitton, Ariadne Labs

2:35 PM

Committing to Smart Collaborations

1. reallocating resources to better leverage PHC
2. measurement and accountability of PHC
3. the next generation PHC workforce

4:00 PM

Huddle Reports

4:10 PM

Closing Keynote

Speaker: Asaf Bitton, Ariadne Labs

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