Measures That Matter to Primary Care

Measure Specifications

Continuity of Care Measure Specifications

This is a process measure evaluating primary care physicians; for each physician, their denominator is all of the patients they saw during the evaluation period who had at least 2 PCP visits (could include visits to other PCPs), and the numerator is the number of those patients whose Bice-Boxerman Continuity of Care Index is >= 0.7. The Bice-Boxerman index is a validated measure of patient-level care continuity that ranges from 0 to 1; 0 reflects completely disjointed care (a different provider for each visit) and 1 reflects complete continuity with the same provider for all visits.

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2022 Person Centered Primary Care Measure Specifications

The Person-Centered Primary Care Measure Patient Reported Outcome Performance Measure (PCPCM PRO-PM) uses the PCPCM Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) a comprehensive and parsimonious set of 11 patient-reported items – to assess the broad scope of primary care. Unlike other primary care measures, the PCPCM PRO-PM measures the high value aspects of primary care based on a patient’s relationship with the clinician or practice.

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