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CPV-GWU Health Policy Research Fellowship

The Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care (CPV) and George Washington University (GWU) co-sponsor a one-year fellowship in research, health policy, and faculty development. Fellows work with the Center and GWU staff to address health policy questions of interest, culminating in a project for publication and presentation.

The year begins with reviews of the Center’s mission and work, GWU fellowship opportunity, and development of a fellowship portfolio. The Fellowship affords exposure to the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), aides in the development of research skills, as well as allows for interaction with collaborators and federal agencies about professionalism and value. Some elements of the Fellowship may be tailored to include external collaborations, teaching, clinical scope, and coursework.

The Fellow is introduced to various local and national organizations focused on health policy research, planning, and implementation, allowing the option to work directly with them. Interested Fellows may also work with congressional staff members, federal agencies, policy think tanks, or professional organizations. One of the primary benefits of being in Washington, DC is the ability to closely collaborate with our federal partners and other organizations that are based in the nation’s capital.

To apply, please submit a letter of intent and Curriculum Vitae to Mikel Severson and Maria Portela with this link.

Current & Past Fellows