International Primary Health Care & COVID-19 Study

The effect on outcomes of country-specific strategies and primary health care strength in COVID-19 pandemic response: an international study

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Policy Recommendations

The Center for Professionalism and Value in Health Care was among several advisors to the Commonwealth Fund and the Milbank Memorial Fund in producing this set policy recommendations for supporting frontline primary care and securing its capacity to help patients and communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Download the pdf.

Take the Survey

The Larry A. Green Center, in partnership with the Primary Care Collaborative, is conducting a quick clinician survey to better understand response and capacity of US primary care practices to COVID-19. A new survey and link are generated each Friday at 9am EST and closes each Monday at 11:59pm PST. Each survey takes 3 minutes to complete.

COVID Survey

Working with the CDC

The PRIME Registry pulls or receives data from more than 60 EHRs in 800 practices from 3000 clinicians across 47 states, most of them small and disproportionately rural.  We are working with the CDC to test the capacity of PRIME to identify influenza like illnesses (ILI) and to serve as a sentinel network for small and rural practices amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ll survey and study the data from these practices to enable understanding symptoms and diagnoses that are markers for COVID-19, and also assess changes in practice volume, use of telehealth, and medication use form EHR data.  Finally, we will survey practices to understand their experience of the epidemic, management approach, and workforce impacts. Email to learn more.

We’re adapting our work environment to continue our mission.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many healthcare organizations are opting to transition to a virtual environment. The Center has also made the transition to virtual operations, and updated our “Work With Us” Opportunities to follow suit.

  • The Center has successfully worked virtually with our Fellow, working alongside universities, as well as government agencies, focusing on an array of topics, from burnout rates to combating COVID-19.
  • We have also effectively worked virtually with our Visiting Senior Scholars.
  • The Center is currently beginning the process of working with our Summer Visiting Scholar, virtually engaging in original research projects as well as working on global initiatives in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 doesn’t change our work

– it reinforces the reason for our work.

PRIME Registry continues to support practices in reducing quality reporting burden, providing MIPS submission assistance and population health tools for providers.

PHATE provides social determinant data, assisting with assessing high risk areas in patient communities.

We’re continuing the work on Measures that Matter to reduce provider burden, creating claims measures and using point of care data, and measuring what patients and clinicians value and consider responsible for high value primary care (Accessibility, Comprehensiveness, Continuity, Integration, Coordination, Relationship, Advocacy, Family Context, Community Context, Health Promotion, and Goal-Oriented Care).

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