Association Between Social Deprivation, Race/Ethnicity, and Unplanned 30-Day Hospital Readmissions for Medicare Beneficiaries

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Social and economic factors impact a person's health outcomes in addition to traditional clinical factors, and there is growing recognition of the impact of social risk factors on health outcomes.1,2 National health insurers like Medicare and Medicaid, which pay for care for people who are the most at risk for experiencing health disparities, need measures

Measures that Matter: The Importance of Doctor-Patient Relationships in Primary Care

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Dr. Robert Phillips, MD, Executive Director of the Center for Professionalism and Value in Health Care, American Board of Family Medicine, and Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University and Virginia Commonwealth University discusses the American Board of Family Medicine’s new survey which highlights the importance of doctor-patient relationships in primary care

Measuring Trust in Primary Care: Assessment, Improvement, and Policy Opportunity

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Trust is a fundamental aspect of any human relationship, and medical care is no exception. An ongoing, trusting relationship between clinicians and patients has shown demonstrable value to primary care. However, there is currently no measure of trust in general use, and none endorsed for use by most value-based payment programs. This review searched

Defining Comprehensiveness in Primary Care: A Scoping Review

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This scoping review unified the interrelatedness of comprehensiveness’s main aspects – whole-person care, range of services, and referral to specialty care – framing a working, evidence-based definition: managing most medical care needs and temporarily complementing care with special integrated services in the context of patient’s values, preferences, and beliefs.

Primary care saves lives. Here’s why it’s failing America.

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When it comes to saving American lives, don’t look to cardiologists, oncologists or even the made-for-TV heroes in the ER. It’s primary-care providers who offer the best hope of reversing the devastating decline in U.S. life expectancy. That’s the conclusion reached by experts who study America’s fractured health-care system. A 2019 study based on U.S. population

Dying Early: America’s Life Expectancy Crisis

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University of Oxford professor John Bell, a native of Canada, offers a sobering assessment of what other high-income nations see when they view life expectancy in the United States. “You know you’ll never be last, because America is always last,” Bell said.