COVID-19 To their detriment, primary care physicians can and will provide telephone care to our patients in this time of crisis, with or without payment. Until we can’t. Our Response Responding to COVID Read the Full Article COVID 19 image BBB - Quote Many frontline primary care physicians are displaying tremendous professionalism to be a bulwark for their patients and the public at great personal cost. Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Care Robert Phillips, MD, MSPH Executive Director Read the Full Article Here      |     The COVID-19 Tsunami: The Tide Goes Out Before It Comes In Social Accountability In Medical Education Social Accountability in Medical Education A century after the seminal Flexner report redefined medical education, its institutions face new challenges. They must demonstrate their alignment with the needs of patients and populations, relevance to… MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC PRIME PRIME Registry PRIME was established to help provide family physicians and primary care clinicians a faster, easier way to evaluate practice performance, with built in tools for population health, risk stratification, empanelment and more… MORE ABOUT PRIME REGISTRY Quote As currently designed, these [health care] systems depend on the heroism of clinicians to ensure patient safety and promote care quality. -Bringing a Systems Approach to Health. Discussion Paper, Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC. PHATE Population Health Assessment Engine Learn how one health center utilized PHATE to identify areas of food insecurity. MORE ABOUT PHATE